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How much light
a sun tunnel give you?Kalkulátor osvětlení

The amount of light that leads to your houme is determined by two parameters. These are the size of the sun tunnels and the number of sun tunnels.

The sun tunnel size is labeled with a Lightway number for a given type of sun tunnel. Choose from 6 sizes: Type 200, 300, 400, 600, 800 and 1200. The exact diameters of each type of sun tunnel can be found in the products information.

Here you can choose from 3 ways to find the size and number of sun tunnels to illuminate your home with sunlight.

  1. Power table
  2. On-line light calculator
  3. Professional calculation for a particular building.

Power table

Clear sky
Clear sky
Lightway Crystal 200 HP 290 lux 200 lux 140 lux 80 lux 6 m2
Lightway Crystal 300 HP 440 lux 320 lux 190 lux 120 lux 9 m2
Lightway Crystal 400 HP 700 lux 450 lux 250 lux 180 lux 13 m2
Lightway Crystal 600 HP 1100 lux 830 lux 410 lux 280 lux 27 m2
Lightway Silver 800 2900 lux 1500 lux 820 lux 400 lux 40 m2
Lightway Maximus 5000 5500 lux 3400 lux 1800 lux 620 lux 200 m2
Bulb 100 W 160 lux 160 lux 160 lux 160 lux  
Standard applications with a tube length of 1250 mm.
For types 200 HP, 300 HP, 400 HP, we recommend a tube length of up to 10 m.
When using LW 600 and LW 800, the light is efficiently fed within 25 m of the roof dome.
Lightway Maximus 5000 allows you to effectively lead light up to 80 m from the roof dome.

On-line light

This calculator will tell you, how big and how much
of sun tunnels your interior will ideally illuminate.

Select a climate zone

Zóna A Zóna B Zóna C Zóna D Zóna E Zóna F Zóna G Zóna H Zóna I Zóna J

Select the orientation of the roof of your house where you want to place the sun tunnel.

SeverSever SeverovýchodSeverovýchod VýchodVýchod JihovýchodJihovýchod JihJih JihozápadJihozápad ZápadZápad SeverozápadSeverozápad

Choose the slope of the roof of your house

Choose room dimensions




Rozměry místnosti

Choose the tube length

Délka tubusu

Choose the size of the sun tunnel


  • Any additional room lighting, such as windows or artificial lighting, reduces the number of light guide fittings.
  • The calculation is based on the average amount of daylight in a given location.
  • The result is only indicative and informative and advisory.

    If you are interested in precise and professional calculation of lighting using sun tunnels according to the relevant hygiene standards, we will be happy to process it. In this case, please fill out the contact form below. Our specialist will contact you.

Professional calculation
for particular building.

Profesionální výpočet

Lightway will work out a professional calculation of the amount of daylight in a uniformly cloudy sky according to a hygienic standard.

We will ensure independent expert measurement of the daylight light factor after Lightway application as proof of building approval that the conditions of the standard for daylight building lighting.

This service is charged individually according to the complexity of the project.

Please fill out this form and our technical support will contact you.

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